QR Discuits™


Got a new product to promote? Opening a new store? Keen to give your business card out and for it to make an impression? Want to amaze your guests at your coffee morning? Impress your colleagues at tea break? Or even want to give your friends the link to your wedding photos on Facebook? Say it with QR Discuits™!


What’s a QR code?

A QR code (or Quick Response Code) is a type of barcode which can be scanned by a smartphone or tablet. It provides superfast access to a website etc. without needing to type an address on the keypad.  Just download an app from your supplier’s app store to get started.


What’s a QR Discuit™?

A QR Discuit™ is a round, hand-crafted biscuit topped with delicious royal icing and a QR code printed (in edible ink) on to a thin disc made of food starch. You scan it, you eat it!


What can it do for me?

It can get you noticed! Combine a QR code with a biscuit, and suddenly everyone’s talking:

  • Link to a website
  • YouTube video
  • Twitter account
  • Like a FaceBook page
  • Use it instead of a traditional business card – there’s one the recipient won’t forget in a hurry
  • Make it an exciting competition – one code lands you on a webpage with a prize while the others take you to the main webpage

How does it work?

To read a QR code, you need a QR scanner on your smart phone or tablet.  These can be downloaded free of charge from your app store.

To create a QR code, you need a QR generator (which you can also download from your app store).  However, if you don’t want the faff of creating the QR code and emailing it to us, you can just send us the URL and we will do the rest for you.