Whatever you want on your biscuit

The Bespoke Biscuit Company is an artisan, London-based company dreaming up delicious hand-baked iced biscuits topped with your design, image, photo, logo or even QR code.

Using the best of British ingredients, we hand craft, hand bake and beautifully decorate delicious iced biscuits for individual, private or corporate customers.

Whether it’s for a unique individual gift, to impress your corporate guests at business and board meetings, or to promote a product, event or party, we can craft your biscuit to any shape and hand decorate it with your design.


A Discuit™ is hand-crafted biscuit, topped with delicious royal icing and any image you want printed (in edible ink) onto a thin disc made of food starch. The Discuits™ come individually wrapped in a clear cellophane bag with a small label. There is a minimum order of 12 (each of which can have a separate design) and they come beautifully gift boxed. More...

Bespoke Biscuits

You can opt for a shaped or cut biscuit which is iced and decorated just for you, or you can choose an iced biscuit with a printed image or message (a “discuit™”). For discuits™ you can use a specific design (such as a photograph or your company logo) or you may prefer to choose one of our standard designs (such as year-specific themes for landmark birthdays, London street names, seasonal designs), which can then be personalized further if required. More...